Ann Wright 1726

This 1726 English sampler was completed by Ann Wright at 9 years of age. The sampler is mainly Cross Stitch but contains some Eyelet, Satin, Bergello, and French Knots.

BG 1874

This is one of my all time favorite samplers.  There is no name, just the initials BG, and the year 1874.  I believe it to be an English sampler.  Although very fragile the original is in fairly good condition (the original is pictured).

Sarah Podd 1844

"How good is God to me
Though he denies me wealth
He gives me still a greater gift
The precious gift of health
My health I would devote 
To spread his praise abroad 
And would my youthful powers employ
To love and serve my God"

Sarah stitched this piece when she was 12 years old. 

Parents Love

"By this work You may see
My parents Love to me"

Such a sweet sampler, I love the little verse.

Nancy Cassell 1841

This sampler was brought to me by Stephanie Jirak of Lincoln University, PA. She is the Great Great Great Granddaughter of Nancy Anne Cassell. The family history is included in the chart. 

Mary Ann Robey 1810

"Few to good breeding make a just pretence
Good breeding is the blossom of good sense
The last result of an accomplished mind 
With outward grace the bodys virtue joined"

I love the bands and motifs Mary Ann used in this sampler. The colors in this sampler are beautiful... the mix of blue and coral is outstanding. 

Sarah Ann Kiddy 1860

"Teach me to feel another's woe
To hide the fault I see
That mercy I to others show
That mercy show to me."

The saying on this sampler was written by Alexander Pope (1688-1744) who is considered to be one of the greatest English poets of the 18th century. Sarah stitched this sampler on 50 + count linen and it was perfectly executed. 

Agness Horsburgh 1844

Not only do I love the colors Agness used to stitch her sampler but I love how she ran out of room to stitch the date 1844 so she moved the last 4 up to another line. 

Jane Portues 1837

This is an outstanding sampler with the verse
"Jesus permit thy gracious name to stand
As the first effort of an infants hand
And while her fingers oer the canvas move
Engage her tender heart to seek thy love
With the dear children may she have a part
And write thy name thyself upon her heart"

The vibrant colors and wonderful animals including a zebra and peacocks make it very unique. I particularly like the sky and clouds. 

Mary Shepherd

Mary is a very fun piece to stitch. The floweres and leaves are filled in with Stem Stitch and the basket is stitched in two layers. 

Mary Ann Crumley 1829

"Why this in haste sweet boy so soon
To go. And leave in tears thy weeping
Friends below. Some heavenly voice
Dear object of their love calld hence
Thy soul to dwell in realms above
Scarce hadst thou learnt the good from
All to know Nor yet had drank the
Bitter cup of woe. When heaven orda
ind no doubt for reason wise. Thy ear
ly sun should set no more to rise Till
Calld to meet thy savior in the skies"

Loved stitching the Satin Stitch bricks on the house!

Eliza Dunnings 1850

I love the simplicity of this little sampler. Eliza was 10 years old when she completed her sampler and beautifully hem stitched the edges.

Maria Simoncini 1806

Maria is a personal favorite. Her design and colors are peaceful and very relaxing to stitch. The floral bands are beautiful. 

Strawberry Pincushion

This pincushion was stitched using a motif from an 1861 sampler. When stitched over 2 threads on 35 count linen it measures approximately 4 inches.

Black Cat 1861

This sampler has no name on it so I lovlingly, refer to it as the Black Cat sampler. I believe the original was crafted in England. There are two sets of initials on the sampler but I have not been able to determine if they are that of the stitchers. 

Elizabeth Lamb 1837

"On the alone my
Hope relies Ben
eath thy cross I 
fall thou art my
life my sacrifice
My Savior and 
My All don 1837"

What a stunning English sampler! It was so much fun to stitch with all the motifs and bright colors. Not sure if the swans, bull, or parrot is my favorite... okay, maybe the red house?

Louisa Dodd 1834

"Lord what is life tis like a flower
That blofsoms and is gone
We see it flourish for an hour
With all its beauty on"

This sampler is dated December 24, 1834. I was told this sampler was a Christmas gift to Louisa's parents. Louisa was 9 years old when she completed this brightly colored beauty. 

Isabill Robb 1803

"Immortal made what should we mind 
So much as Immortality
we beings for a heaven designed what 
but a heaven our care should be"

Yes, this sampler is large... but such a joy to stitch. this is a stunning English sampler from 1803 done in muted colors.